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Ontario. Canada
Full Stack Software Developer @Augmentt

Current Toolset

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Details on my Skillset

I am a software developer, with a knack for making great software.

Full stack web development is my forte'; I create quality web applications for my clients. I'm used to creating systems with restful APIs and microservices, using nodejs as a backend. I use ReactJS or any modern frontend javascript framework for front end ensuring responsive and modern looking design. I am very knowledgable on application design, agile development, and test my applications using automated unit testing. I know my way around dev operations and host my client's apps on Ubuntu servers, using apache or nginx as a webserver. I host applications and maintain them through cloud services like Digital Ocean or AWS.

I am a team player, a self starter, and I learn quickly. I take ownership of the software I build. With existing systems, I love to learn about how a software works and am always looking for ways to improve it. I am very much open to mentoring my peers, as I really enjoy sharing what I know.

I'm used to working with Git as source control, and communicating over Slack for collaboration. I'm transparent with my work by keeping detailed track of my hours using excel spreadsheets and sharing detailed invoices when working freelance.

Tech Stack

  • Languages: JavaScript, PHP, Python, C#, ASP.net, C++, Java, and Ruby.
  • Databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and Firebase.
  • Dev-ops: Ubuntu, CentOS, Digital Ocean, AWS, DNS records, SSL certs, Nginx/Apache
  • Applications: JIRA, Trello, Git (cmd line), Visual Studio Code, Sublime
  • Agile Devlopment, Unit testing, Code Documentation, Wikis

Web Development

  • JavaScript BE: NodeJS (RestfulAPIs, GraphQL)
  • JavaScript FE: AngularJS, ReactJS, JQuery, VueJS, KnockoutJS, BackBoneJS
  • HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, flexbox
  • Preprocessors: HAML, SASS
  • Build Tools: GulpJS, webpack, nodemon, npm scripts
  • Unit Testing: MochaJS, JestJS

Reach out

Inquire with me by sending an email, and let me know what you're looking for and how I can best help you and your business.


Software Developer
Remote Freelance
Software Developer Consultant
Zaui Software
Full Stack Software Developer
(PHP, Javascript)
Trent University
Student - 4yr
Computing Systems B.Sc /w Honours
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Intermediate Software Developer
One More Story Games
Co-Founder & Senior Software Developer
Department of Defense
Technical Support Specialist
Georgian College
Graduate - 3yr
Computer Programmer Analyst
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Personal Projects

zoanthids.xyz - eagle eye zoanthids

Zoanthid Coral Image Recognition (AI)

There are thousands of Zoanthid morphs. I love the coral species and want to create a tool that will identify whatever morph or variation you throw at it through a combination of image recognition and artificial intelligence

Tech: Python, Selenium, Tensorflow

Hosted: Wordpress, Ubuntu [DigitalOcean]

  • Step 1: Image Curation
  • Step 2: Modeling Creation
  • Step 3: Learning
  • Step 4: Upload Tool
  • Step 5: Personal Use
  • Step 6: Public Use
  • Step 7: Business Use

State: Image Curation {1700+ named morphs gathered so far}

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All in one social media app for video games. Bringing gamers together.

Hosting: Wordpress, Ubuntu [Digital Ocean]

State: Live - 2018 legacy

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