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Ontario. Canada
Full Stack Software Developer @Freelance

About Me

If you're looking for an innovative, self-learning and creative software developer. Look no further. I am quite knowledgeable in application design, web application development and website development. I really enjoy learning new technologies and exploring better ways of creating products for clients.

I began my education path at Georgian College taking the Computer Programmer Analyst course, which created a foundation for my programming skills. From there, I then worked at numerous organizations in the IT space, including: The Department of Defence, One More Story Games and gShift. I have spent the last few years tailoring my skillset, learning more about small business and software development.

Most recently, I completed my undergraduate Computer Science degree at Trent University. Further expanding my skillset and learning new technologies.

If you have a software or website project you would like to discuss, lets talk about it.


Remote Freelance
Software Developer Consultant
Zaui Software
Software Developer
(PHP, Javascript)
Trent University
Student - 4yr
Computing Systems B.Sc /w Honours
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Intermediate Software Developer
One More Story Games
Co-Founder & Senior Software Developer
Department of Defense
Technical Support Specialist
Georgian College
Graduate - 3yr
Computer Programmer Analyst
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All in one social media app for video games. Bringing gamers together.

State: Live, Under Active Development

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Built for 2017 Trent Echacks hackathon

Automated website portfolio builder for developers and coders

Live and under active development

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Wordpress Blog Development

Hosting and maintaining AdventureInTheBackcountry blog on a Ubuntu Digital Ocean server

State: Live

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Learning new Technologies

I love exploring new tech and thinking up business ideas. Currently dabbling in react native for mobile development.

Creative energies are flowing!

My brain


Do you have an application or website that you need work done on?

Feel free to drop me an email. matt@fyrespark.com